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Applications of Solvent Printers
Home Decoration

Individualized colorful printed patterns make home decoration more diversified. Wood boards, ceilings, ceramic tiles and glass with colorful patterns are popular in interior decoration. These colorful decoration materials can be designed in various styles and manifest individuality and unique taste of the buyer. In addition to individualized decoration style, consumers now pay more and more attention to environment protection. The UV flatbed printer produced by our company is an environmentally friendly product which will make your home decoration more creative and special.

3C Household Appliance
Our UV flatbed printer can be used in the production line of household appliance industry to make the simply designed patterns on the electronic products more attractive. Due to the special UV printing technology, the additional value of the household appliance is increased. The diverse and unique patterns allow the product to have more colorful appearance.

Apart from practical functions, customers are seeking for electronic products with more fashionable appearance. Our UV printer introduces new technology to 3C (computer, communication and consumer) electronic products industry. The UV printer is free from the restrictions of product material, production technology and product shape. Using a UV printer to produce image is as easy as developing photos in a photo studio.

Advertisement Media
UV flatbed printing integrates UV curing ink and digital printing technology, leading to diversified development of inkjet printing. The UV flatbed printer our company produces can print images directly on advertisement media such as KT panel, PVC expansion sheet, polymethyl methacrylate, aluminum plate, etc. UV flatbed printing eliminates laminating process usually needed in photo printing thus is time-saving. At the same time, it dose not have the problem of adhesive failure or bubble. Taking advantage of different printing modes, the UV flatbed printer is able to achieve embossing effect and flashing effect.

Gift Package
As digital technology develops and people's consciousness of environment protection increases, flexographic printing, ink jet printing and combined printing take up higher and higher market shares in package printing industry. As for high-end packages of some gifts and labels of some brand products, single printing method is incapable of achieving diversified effects. Combing flexographic printing, gravure and screen printing together will enrich printing effects.

The unit-type flexographic printing production line can be exchanged with the gravure machine or the screen printing machine to achieve combined printing. Besides, this production line is also able to fulfill on-line post-press finishing like varnishing, hot stamping and laminating. Product made by this unit-type flexographic printing production line is exclusive and cannot be copied.

Leather Products
Adopting eco-flexible UV ink, our UV flatbed printer can print various kinds of individualized patterns on leather genuine leather as well as artificial leather to expedite product updating and enhance additional value of the leather product. It is suitable for making sample products, limited products or urgent products.

Polyester Fiber Textile Materials
Our digital textile printer has remarkable capacity to print on polyester fiber textile materials such as bunting cloth, non-woven fabrics, warp knitted fabrics and flimsy chiffon. It can keep printing high-quality images day and night. Non-toxic odorless eco-ink makes our digital textile printer eco-friendly. This digital textile printing machine is able to meet various demands and is suitable for industrial use, decoration use and home use.